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Toni Everard

I help people gain clarity and direction
so they can achieve their goals
and lead wildly successful and happy lives

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The 1 Key Ingredient To Achieve Your Goals

Starting a business and creating a new life for yourself can sometimes feel like it’s…
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Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever!

Toni’s life experience is vast and rich with variety. This comes across in her wisdom and insights as to what makes people tick and how to help others make beneficial shifts in their life. Toni’s values are what makes her an ideal leader, teacher and humanitarian of powerful life principles. She is an awesome role model for other men and women in how to get out there with your message, be your best self and play the game of life full out. It is my pleasure to know Toni as a friend and I am in awe of her strength and determination to get on with building and living a life worth celebrating.

Julie PattersonMaster Life Coach

A massive ͚Thank You͛ to Toni for taking me through her Life Coaching Sessions. When I started, my life was unbalanced. I was just in an awful mindset, possibly the worst of my life. Through each session I learnt the ͚Why & What͛. ͚Why͛ my life was where it is and ͚What͛ changes I can do today to improve my tomorrow. She did not give me the answers.. the answers were within me and Toni just helped me see them. My life has been so much more positive and I would recommend Toni Everard͛s Life Coaching System to those who want to live at a higher level. Thank you so much Toni. You Freakin͛ Rock!

Tali Lean

Working with Toni has been a privilege. She is willing to look, discover, create, and be the one. I have no doubt that Toni will end up serving & helping many people in this lifetime, she is truly gifted.

Sharnee BennettTransformational Business Coach

Before I started with this program I was a nervous and anxious wreck. I had just left a relationship that had stripped my confidence and self-esteem. I was struggling with life. I wasn’t sleeping and I was financially struggling too.
Since I’ve participated in the ‘Toni Everard Life Coaching’ program, Toni has helped me to feel free, relaxed, and lighter to feel like myself again. I also now know who my good friends are. Everything about life seams easier and I’m more in flow with life. Life is free and easy now. Over the last 10 weeks people that I didn’t expect stepped up to help me as friends. Toni Everard Life Coaching has helped me to believe in myself. I have improved considerably with my self-esteem. Actually all areas of my life have improved from work, health and financially too. In the last 3 months I’ve let go of nervousness, anxiety, depression and generally feeling low about my past relationships. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve let go of self-doubt and toxic relationships, old negative thought patterns. I’m empowered, strong and confident and able to do whatever I put my mind too. I’m able to do whatever I set and stay focused. I have clarity and direction now. I’m more passionate about life and helping others.
Thank you Toni for all your fabulous work, Caroline xxx


Thank you Toni for the great Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis work that you did with me last week. I feel like a different person after the work that you did with a much brighter outlook on life. Toni you made me feel comfortable and at ease from the moment I turned up, you also floored me with your understanding of my situation and the way that you could relate to my situation both personal and in my business life too.
I highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a sincere and competent coach or practitioner.

Fred Wright

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