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What is Time Line Therapy?

It is often very difficult for us as humans to let go of negative emotions, trauma and limiting beliefs from the past. However there are techniques available that provide the key to unlock the memories of your past so you can process and let go of that which no longer serves you. NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis are each profound, effective techniques in their own right and even more powerful when used in combination. These techniques provide a path not focused on the past, but a way to let go of the past so you can be focused on creating the future you want.

Time Line Therapy, also known as Creating Your Future Techniques, was born out of experimentation with NLP and Hypnosis and was developed and trademarked by Tad James in the 1980s. While NLP delves deep into the language of the mind and communication to help people change behaviour, Time Line Therapy can then be used to help people quickly let go of emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt, as well as limiting beliefs such as I am not good enough, I can not make enough money etc and is a powerful tool for setting goals into the future. Hypnosis can then be used to help people cement in the permanent change they wish to create for themselves.

Time Line Therapy is one of the most powerful tools available that causes integration between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Clients use active imagination to access their time line so they can process past significant events from a dissociated perspective. The importance of this technique is that it does not require the client to talk about or associate into past events which means it is a much easier and more comfortable process for both the client and the therapist.

Time Line Therapy has been used successfully to help people recover from PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, lack of confidence, anger issues, shame, guilt, grief and as a powerful tool to enhance performance, improve health, couples therapy, career advancement and business growth.

When experiencing Time Line Therapy for themselves, clients experience an instant feeling of release and often report feeling lighter, sleeping better, more clarity, confidence and having more energy and motivation to achieve what they want.

To learn Time Line Therapy it is a prerequisite to become a practitioner of NLP and that is why these modalities along with Hypnosis are taught together.
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