Ultimate Consciousness Facilitator Training

Ultimate Consciousness is about offering the freedom to be who you came here to be, beyond the restraints of our conditioning, beliefs, and societal systems that hold us back from this knowing. 

We simply offer a connection to the ultimate state of being that everyone deserves. 

This is not about therapy, it's about claiming the transcendent vibration that is already yours, through expanded states. We will show you how, so you can share with others how to do this as well.

We are looking for people to take this work to the world and you may feel called to be one of those people. This can be the energy of purpose for you, that in turn directly relates to the establishment of a new way of being for humanity. Simply put, we seek to set people free to create a new earth based on our collective magnificence and not on old systems and structures that are moving into decline.

Are you looking for a first-time practitioner training course to start your career in the healing arts, or extend your existing offering?

Do you want to work with a philosophy that draws on the metaphysical as well as the science of possibility? 

​This may be what you have been looking for...

Our work is based on 4 of the core principles of Quantum Physics, blended with consciousness itself.


Our course covers the following:

  • Self-awareness for personality type and values
  • Introduction to Alternate Realities and Quantum Philosophies
  • Transcendent techniques that draw on the client's magnificence
  • Undertaking sessions both face to face and via Zoom
  • Join an ongoing alumni, to support your practice

Modules Covered

Lesson 1 : Who I am and why I am here
Lesson 2 : The Philosophy of Ultimate Consciousness
Lesson 3 : Freeing Journeys through my Ultimate Consciousness
Lesson 4 : Exploring the limitlessness of my Ultimate Self
Lesson 5 : Facilitating the consciousness of others
Lesson 6 : Creating me as Consciousness Facilitator
Lesson 7 : 4 Week Debrief
Lesson 8 : 8 Week debrief

The course is run over 4 Days either face to face or via zoom, with a combination of theory, demonstration and practice components, held in a highly supportive learning environment.

There is individual mentoring and group follow-ups at the 4 week and 8 week point.

​Your enrolment is confirmed following your deposit of 50% of the course fee, the remainder is due 7 days before the course is scheduled to start.  

Following your graduation, you will be welcomed in The Consciousness Collective, the alumni network of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness. As you move further into this work and a career path in consciousness, this community will support you.

Next course dates:

Ultimate Consciousness Facilitator Training: July 9-12, 2021

Price: Full payment $1,895.00 incl GST and Payment Plans are considered on request.

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